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Nokia 6151 Problems

The company I work for recently got me a Nokia 6151 mobile phone and all the accessories recently as a replacement for the one that went through the washing machine. Initially I thought it was a great phone, nice screen, good quality sound, camera, MP3 player all good stuff. I even bought a 2Gb microSD card to put music on it so I could listen to tunes with the headphones.

However recently the phone has been giving me trouble, mainly with incoming call. When I hear the phone ring I press the Green button (or the middle button which is also Answer) and say "Hello" only to have no feedback and also I can’t hear the person who is ringing me. To start with this only happened once every 4 or 5 calls. Now it happens all the time. Sometimes the other person hears
Fax machine sounds" obviously digital information coming across the phone line.

This isn’t only happening to me, everyone at my workplace with a Nokia 6151 is having the same problem. We all have the same firmware:

V 03.91
(c) Nokia


I found this message on the Nokia forums in Europe:

Some people have said that turning the phone off for a while and turning it back on fixes the problem, not for me. I have also tried removing the battery and leaving it out for an hour before powering it back up, still no good.

I have also heard that you can’t buy new 6151 phones in Australia at the moment, shipment dates are "unknown" and "to be advised". Could Nokia be having a major problem with the phone and they are looking at fixing the firmware before sellling any more. I can’t find any information from Nokia on this and there isn’t any updated firmware available.

It will be interesting to see if Nokia fix these phones in the near future.

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Useful info for Gentoo users

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – emerge -U world – How often

I found this post in the Gentoo forums. Someone had it in their signature and is a useful hint on how you SHOULD use emerge to update packages.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Windows Genuine Disadvantage

Sick of Microsoft sticking it's nose in your computer turn off the phone home facility of the Windows Genuine Advantage spyware.

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Another dead hard disk

Another disk drive died today. This one was the system disk of my HTPC which runs Gentoo. I first noticed the problem when it dropped off the network and then was taking forever to rip a DVD. Rebooting only made things worse, Grub couldn't find the kernel. Uh oh!

So I'm in the process of trying to see if I can recover anything using information I found about using dd with disk errors:

Next I will have to do a fresh new install of Gentoo, what a pain. 

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Upgrade Home to Professional

c’t 12/2005, page 148 – Windows XP HomePro

Windows XP Home promoted to Professional

This is great! Finally people can all use the good feature of Windows XP Pro even if they only bought Home. Home is really a major pain. I have seen a few products that refuse to work properly on the Home version. But now, by following the instructions you can "Patch" XP Home to be almost as good.

Nice work!

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Cacti, SNMP and Gentoo

Here are the instructions I followed to get SNMP and Cacti working on Gentoo:

emerge cacti cacti-cactid
groupadd cacti
useradd -g cacti -G cron cactiuser

cd /var/www/localhost/htdocs/cacti/
mysql –user=root cacti < cacti.sql
chown -R cactiuser rra/ log/
mysql> create database cactidb;
mysql> grant all on cactidb.* to root;
mysql> grant all on cactidb.* to root@localhost;
mysql> grant all on cactidb.* to cactiuser;
mysql> grant all on cactidb.* to cactiuser@localhost;
mysql> set password for cactiuser@localhost=password(‘mycactipw’);
mysql> exit

nano config.php

$database_type = "mysql";
$database_default = "cacti";
$database_hostname = "localhost";
$database_username = "cactiuser";
$database_password = "mycactipw";

Now open browser to http://localhost/cacti

Follow the steps:

Login as admin password admin
change password

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Gentoo nano and word wrap

Well I said in my initial Gentoo post that I would detail how to make Nano the text editor default to non-word wrap mode so you don’t have to specify the -w option everytime to edit a file.

You need to make sure you have a .nanorc file in your home directory. If you don’t there should be one in /etc/ (/etc/nanorc). So copy that one:

cp /etc/nanorc ~/.nanorc

Now edit the file

 nano -w ~/.nanorc

I uncommented the following options:

  • set autoindent
  • set mouse
  • set nowrap
  • set smarthome
  • set smooth

I also inserted some syntax based colouring options (I think I found most of them either in nanorc or

Edited: If you want to look at the syntax colouring download the nanorc file attached to this blog entry. It’s easier to read anyway.

Hooray for nano! 

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The other side of the Lostcoast

Well I was happily running around the lostcoast in
HL2 last week and I fell of the bloody cliff. Bugger. I managed to
survive and therefore went for a walk. This is where I ended up.



Try it yourself, its more fun than playing Lostcoast properly and even
better than hearing twats blah blah about how great HDR is and how much
of a boner they get for giving us piss poor content a year after the
game came out. Anyway make sure you don’t go into the city otherwise
you fall through the map and die 🙁

Check out my image gallery of screenshots image/tid/40

Here are some of my favourites:


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Gentoo Use Flags for MythTV

Well after much mucking around I think I have finally got MythTV and Gentoo Linux working as required. I have had to install a fair bit of extra stuff to do the things I want but it was worth it. I now know a lot more about Linux and Gentoo.

One very useful hint I will give to the world is USE flags. The use flags you choose at the start will save you many many recompiles. Also definately set up CCache (Compiler Cache)

Well just so other people can save time, here is my Use flags for MythTV and Gentoo Linux:

USE="-directfb mjpeg 3dnow 3dnowext aac acpi alsa apache2 avi bzlib cdr crypt cscope divx4linux dts dvb dvd dvdr dvdread encode fftw flac gd gif gtk howl imlib ithreads jpeg joystick lirc live mad matroska mmx mmxext mpeg mysql mythtv ncurses net nvidia oggvorbis opengl pam png quicktime readline real sdl sse svga theora threads tiff transcode truetype usb v4l v4l2 win32codecs X x86 xanim xine-lib xinerama xmms xv xvid xvmc zlib"

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Upgrading the hard drive

This guide is extremely useful if you want to upgrade your hard drive in Linux. I have done it twice now and it works really well.

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