Company of Heroes – Carentan

This is by far my favourite mission in Company of Heroes. Mainly because the computer is actually a challenge and the Axis use artillery and tanks. Initially you don’t have any tanks and this makes the battle pretty exciting.



You start the mission with 2 units of paratroopers and four units of engineers. Two engineer units are inside your bases (the church at the bottom and the main HQ in the square). Get them out and put them to work.




You can use the engineers to put some sandbags down in front of the bridges.





Because it takes time to make the defences you need to do a few things at the same time

Use the paratroopers to go over the river and capture the two points. Be careful with the right hand point there is a sniper covering the point. I use the jeep and a paratrooper unit.

Use the troops to throw a grenade over the wall and hit the German squad.




The use the jeep to attack the sniper in the building while you sprint your troops and throw a grenade in the window (the example shown below isn’t very successful because I lost a couple of guys to the sniper.




The other sniper is on the other side in the building shown below:



Capture the two points and fortify them as usual. Now build another unit of troops. They will be used to man two Anti-tank guns. They are located:



and here:



Move them across the river to the two points you just captured. I try and make a defence similar to the one below:



The sandbags provide you with some cover. There is a MG there to pick up. You can build a MG nest as well to cover you if the enemy soliders get too close.



Make sure you cover the flanks. The other point defence should look similar to this:



MG in the house, wire and sandbags to help cover. The anti-tank gun works well in this spot. I cover the flank of this spot with a MG nest and wire to stop the enemy from moving around behind:



I put a few paratroopers around each flag, upgraded with anti-tank weapons (either found or upgrades). Now you should be mining the bridges:





This will take out a few tanks after your troops over the river are wiped out (yes sorry but they will be killed) . Create some traps for infantry and tanks like below:




MG for the infantry and anti-tank gun. When you have run out of time the Germans will spawn on the edge of the map. To get a good look at them I have two snipers each told to hold their fire and invisible. Put them in a spot where they won’t be too close to the action but gives your troops advance warning of their location. This works very well with the anti-tank guns. You can also use the off map artillery to wipe out tanks and infantry:




The battle will be pretty hectic, they will have heaps of tanks, mortars, and engineers with flame throwers. They don’t have any more snipers (thank goodness). You need to keep these two points for as long as possible. At each point I had a sniper, three para squads and engineers with flame throwers and a MG nest and a MG unit.






The Germans spawn on the edge of the map. You can be pretty nasty on the right hand side and have units camping their spawn 🙂

Eventually they will overwhem you. The get a mass of troops and stuff moving forward and not stopping. This happens after they bomb the crap out of everything and blow up the HQ. The voice over tells you to fall back to the church. This is the signal to build up some defences there for the last stand. Keep troops up forward to get more kills so you can get closer to the 250 mark

You need to have at least two or three anti-tank guns. A MG in the church is handy, three or four paratroop squads with anti tank guns.



Flank around behind tanks using buildings to get the rear armor shots:



Place a MG nest here to cover the sides.




You have to hold out for a while before Able company comes to help. As soon as this happens move a tank that spawns to each of these locations. Go straight there and don’t worry these tanks take almost no damage for some reason:



Another tank here:



Another tank here:



Do this because the Germans are going to retreat and this takes some potential targets away. You need to cover all the escape routes. Once the tanks are in place move your infantry forward to flush out the enemy. DO NOT KILL ALL THE TANKS. As soon as all the tanks are killed the mission ends. You need to keep at least one alive so you can flush out the infantry for kills. Take back all the points so you have enough points for grenades and upgrades etc. Your population will probably be over the cap of 70 so no new troops for you. Use a invisible sniper to spot the Germans.

Push the Germans out like in the pic below into the range of your tanks. Easy kills!



If you didn’t take out this sniper earlier, do it now. Another kill!




Use a sniper to take out infantry because tanks will just want to blow up the German tanks and possibly end the mission too early.





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