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BRW Triathlon – Melbourne

I competed in the BRW triathlon today. I managed to finish the 400m swim, 10km bike ride and 4km run in 56 minutes 20 seconds. I’m pretty happy with that for my first ever triathlon. The team I was in got the following result:

Team member 1 (that was me)

Swim 10:03, Bike 27:56, Run 18:21

Total 56:20 

Team member 2 (Nick)

Swim 14:13, Bike 25:37, Run, 17:37

Total 57:27

Team member 3 (Chad)

Swim 14:53, Bike 28:58, Run 26:12


Grand Total 3:03:50

I think I got the easy deal because I went first I had to do less running. It was also significantly hotter later in the day when the sun came out. Chad got a cramp at the 2km mark on the run and had to get some massage from someone nearby. I imagine the heat would have contributed to that.

When I get some photos I will post them.

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